Redeem Vouchers

Redeeming  Valid Vouchers

Groupon, Wagjag, Travelzoo & other valid vouchers can be Redeemed HERE!

  • Valid vouchers can be redeemed via our website. Our booking software is set-up to take your voucher as your method of payment
  • Locate the vouchers "Redemption Code" or "Confirmation Number". Have this ready when you are booking your seats
  • Your voucher(s) will be redeemed with a few days of booking your seats. Cancellations must be received by email no later than 4 days prior to tour -
  • You will be required to supply valid credit card information when booking. Provincial sales tax (HST) of 13% is collected from what yo paid for your online voucher.
  • Double check the expiration date on your voucher. If it has expired, please note details for redemption further below

How To Redeem EXPIRED Vouchers

Expired vouchers can benefit from our Voucher Transfer Program

  • If your voucher has expired, do not worry. You can still redeem them for one our public tours
  • Our Voucher Transfer Program extends the life of your voucher for one full year at the cost of $15.00 per person (+HST)
  • Choose ANY public tour at ANY time of the year.
  • Select your preferred tour date and tour type, then complete our online Voucher Transfer Form

List of Current Public Tours: