Information on how to Book Tours with Pre-Paid Vouchers:

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Please select your tour below to redeem your voucher(s):

Before booking your tour please make sure you double check your voucher to confirm which tour it is your voucher is valid for. If for example your voucher is for our 2014 Winter Wine Tour and it's past April 30th , please still visit the Winter Wine Tour page for instructions on how to redeem your voucher and book tour:

  • 2014 Summer Wine Tour
  • 2014 Distillery & Wine Tour
  • 2014 Micro Brewery & Wine Tour
  • 2014 Winter Wine Tour
  • 2014 Festival of Lights Tour
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    How to redeem expired pre-paid vouchers:

    If you have a pre-paid voucher that is set to expire or has already expired, please read the following very carefully:

  • If you have an unused pre-paid voucher that was purchased online, and has already expired or will expire soon, you may choose to transfer your voucher to another active tour, at a Voucher Transfer Fee of $12.50 per person.
  • Starting January 1, 2015 you may only apply the value of our voucher towards our regular tour rate. To calculate the fee you need to pay, take the deal rate (cost) of your voucher and subtract from the regular tour rate - $89 (+HST) per person.
  • DOUBLE CHECK -  the expiration date on your voucher(s), sometimes vouchers are valid for one or even two years
  • Niagara Wine Tours

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    Redeeming 2013/14 WINTER WINE TOUR Vouchers

    Please note the following options for redeeming unused 2013/14 Winter Wine Tour vouchers:

  • OPTION #1 - Check the Winter Wine Tour BOOKING CALENDAR below for tour availability thru April 27, 2014. Most dates are sold out, but there are seats available. Please note that when we receive any cancellations, the seats go back in to our inventory. So feel free to check often for availability. Please remember: tour operates Friday's, Saturday's and Sunday's thru April 27/14
  • OPTION #2 - If you are unable to find an open date in April 2014, we are allowing anyone with vouchers that expire by April 30, 2014 to use their vouchers for NEXT YEARS 2014/15 Winter Wine Tour. You MUST book your seats for November or December 2014 ONLY. There is no additional fee for this option.
  • Click Here for this Option

  • OPTION #3 - If you cannot wait until November / December to use your Winter Wine Tour voucher(s) you may choose to Transfer your voucher to another tour. This option allows you to choose ANY 2014 Tour, but comes at an additional fee of $12.50 (+HST) per person.
  • Click Here for this Option