What is your Code of Conduct policy for your tours?


Niagara Fun Tours operates both public and private chartered tours of the Niagara Region visiting various local wineries, crafter breweries, craft cider distilleries and more. Complimentary sampling takes place at most locations where our guests are given 2-4 samples per location, per person. Our public tours always include a 1-HR stop for lunch, where our guests can enjoy a nice meal or snacks (various options available, different price ranges).

Additional tastings, wine / beer by the glass sales at select wineries & breweries, bottle purchases and other purchases, are  at each guests expense. Niagara Fun Tours does NOT allow the consumption of alcohol on its touring vehicles and we will not tolerate lewd or loud behaviour while on the tour. Our professionally trained drivers are required to maintain civility and professionalism on all of our tours. Our tour drivers and step-on guides have the authority to ask any of our guests to adjust their behaviour accordingly. If the driver or step-on guide issued had issued ample warnings to disruptive guests, he/she has the authority to dismiss that guest from the tour. Our drivers are instructed to ensure these guests are dropped off at a location where alternate transportation can be provided. Niagara Fun Tours is not responsible for the reimbursement for guests incurring additoinal fee's for transportation.

If you have been dismissed from our tours before tour completion, you are entitled to reimbursement on your tour. If you are a voucher holder, you may contact your voucher supplier for a refund. Niagara Fun Tours will deem the voucher as unredeemed.


We’re running late and may not meet our desired pick-up. What do we do?


Before even making your way down to Niagara for your tour, please make sure you have easy access to your tours pick-up schedule (click here). Print this page out, along with any supporting maps to best help guide you to the right spot.

If you feel you may NOT get to your preferred pick-up spot in time, please proceed to the last pick-up location on our schedule (if you have enough time to make it). Our drivers are instructed to remain at the pick-up location five minutes after posted arrival time. Our drivers are instucted to take calls and respond to texts when an opportunity arrives. Our drivers continue to each pick-up stop in order, checking in guests and driving large buses. We do appologize if you have difficulty getting through right away. Keep these phone numbers handy when contacting us:

  •  Head Driver: 905-348-8687 (text or call)
  •  Office: 905-329-6661 (text or call)

Last Chance to catch the bus! Please note your options:

2017 Summer Wine Tour - Meet us the Perfume Factory (393 York Rd, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ONT). Located just west of Gateway Tourist Centre. Our scheduled arrival is for 10:00 AM. Please check-in with driver upon your arrival. For drop-off, you can select the Perfume Factory, or any of our other pick-up locations. If you miss this option, last resort is to meet bus while on tour - this option MUST be discussed directly with your driver.

2017 Half Day Beer, Cider & Wine Tour - Meet us at Casino Niagara, Niagara Falls  (4800 Bender St, Niagara Falls, ONT). Our scheduled arrival is for 10:25 AM & 3:25 PM.For drop-off, you can select Casino Niagara, or any of our other pick-up locations. If you miss this option, last resort is to meet bus while on tour - this option MUST be discussed directly with your driver.

2017 Distillery & Winery Tour - Meet us the Victoria Ave Carpool Lot (Victoria Ave Exit QEW in Vineland ON). When exiting head south on Victoria Ave, then quick turn on South Service Rd heading EAST. Shuttle bus will pick-up outide main entrance to parking lot. Address of carpool lot - 3218-3246 Marina Blvd, Vineland Station, ON L0R 2E0 Our scheduled arrival is for 9:50 AM. Please check-in with driver upon your arrival. For drop-off, you can select the Carpool Lot, or any of our other pick-up locations. If you miss this option, last resort is to meet bus while on tour - this option MUST be discussed directly with your driver.

NOTE: It is the responsibility for each guest to be aware of the details of our pick-up schedule. If you miss pick-up and need to catch up to the tour, Niagara Fun Tours is NOT responsible for any fee's you may incur do so so.


My voucher is about to expire and there are no tour dates available to book. What are my options?


If you are a valid Niagara Fun Tour voucher holder and attempting to book a tour that is showing as SOLD OUT, please feel free to book another one of our active public tours at no extra expense. Please go to our tour page to find another tour - CLICK HERE!

If you wish to use your voucher once it expires, please visit our voucher transfer page to book a future tour - CLICK HERE

If you wish to join our wait list for a specific tour date, please send us a quick email - info@niagarafuntours.com

*NOTE: Niagara Fun Tours will accept ALL expired online tour vouchers, but redeeming these vouchers towards another tour will come at a small administrive fee. This fee is based on various factors (ie. new tour rate, seasonal hotel rates).


I’m having difficulty booking my tour and cannot get thru to your office, what are my options?


Niagara Fun Tours operates on a small staff and we are always on the move. If you are having difficulty booking your tour, or if you have questions that require immediate answers, please start with a very detailed email - info@niagarafuntours.com

If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, please call our office - 905-329-6661. Texts are fine as well!


I have pre-paid vouchers, how do I redeem them?


If you posses a valid pre-paid voucher for one of our tours you may book your tour and redeem voucher right here on our website. If you are looking to book multiple people at once please make sure you have ALL vouchers in front of you before booking. Each voucher has a dedicated confirmation number on it, that you will be asked to supply.

It is imperative you double check your vocuher to see which tour it is valid for. If you book the wrong tour with your voucher, your booking may be subject to cancellation.

You may choose to transfer your voucher to one of our other tours

For more information please click here!


What is a “Voucher Transfer Fee (VTF)” and why do I have to pay it?


A Voucher Tansfer Fee is an administrative fee that we charge when a guest is looking to redeem an expired pre-paid voucher.

For Example: If you have a voucher valid for our 2016 Summer Wine Tour , and it expired at the end of October 2016, you may choose to pay our VTF and book seats on one of our 201/18 public tours (click here for active tour options).

Only complete our Voucher Transfer Form once you are ready to select your tour date.

Click Here to transfer your voucher to another tour!


There’s a change in the tours itinerary from the last time I viewed it, what happened?


At Niagara Fun Tours we work very hard to ensure your experience on each and every one of our tours is consistent, reliable and dependable. Sometimes we face situations that are out of our control that causes us to modify or alter our tours.

Your tour driver will inform you at the start of your tour if there's a change of plans for your tour.


Tour cancellations due to bad weather


Not many of our tours are affected by weather, but there are occassions where it's simply just not safe enough to execute a tour due to extreme winter weather conditions or other dangerous external conditions that are not within our control. Our reservations staff will do their best to contact you 2-3 hours prior to your tour to inform you of any cancellations or alterations in pick-up plans. It is important, that when booking your tour, you supply us with a contact phone number that we can reach you on when in Niagara (ie. cell phone, hotel phone number).

ALL cancellations can be re-booked for another available tour date. In the case where your voucher is expiring or you wish to use your voucher towards another type of tour, please contact us directly to discuss: 905-329-6661 | info@niagarafuntours.com.


What are your cancellation policies for your Public & Private Tours?


Important to note when cancelling seats on one of our public tours:

  • Tour cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to tour date. Late cancellations will be charged the full tour fee. If you are redeeming a pre-paid voucher, they will be deemed as "redeemed".
  • Using Pre-Paid Vouchers: If we do not hear from you within 2 DAYS of your scheduled tour date, your voucher will be marked as "redeemed" and HST will be billed to your credit card. You can rebook another date, but our one-time rebooking fee of $25.00 will apply
  • Paying by Credit Card / Cash: If we do not hear from you within 2 DAYS of your scheduled tour date the full tour amount for cancellations will be charged.
  • It is VERY IMPORTANT you contact us soon as possible when cancelling. When cancelling please send text or call us, along with a follow-up email. Supply us with the full name booking is listed under, date of tour and if available, your five digit reservation numbers. Cancellation fee's are not charged if we receive a correspodence from you within 48 HRS of your tour.
  • info@niagarafuntours.com | 905-329-6661

Important to note when cancelling one of our private tours:

  • Tour cancellations must be made at least 8 Days prior to tour date.
  • Late cancellations will result in having 100% of the tour cost billed. It is imperative you contact our office as soon as you can -
  • Call & Email us: info@niagarafuntours.com | 905-329-6661

NOTE: To cancel your booking please email us at: info@niagarafuntours.com (note in email Full Name the booking is under, tour date and number of people). You may also cancel by phone quoting the same information: 905.329.6661 | 905.348-8687