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Niagara Wine Tour and Distillery Tour

Take an adventure through Niagara's Benchland sipping locally made Wine & Distilled Niagara Spirits

Niagara Fun Tours is very excited to introduce our newest and coolest tour to our already amazing touring arsenal - our Niagara Distillery & Wine Tour. The reason why we're excited to offer this tour is because it's our first time touring out to the Bechland area of the Niagara Region. Get your taste buds ready for micro-distilled spirits like vodka, gin and of course Canadian Whisky. Try Sir Isaac Pear Cidar at Puddicombes Farms and don't forget about the wine tastings at Soneyride and Magnotta wineries. Going on a Niagara Bechland Tour will help introduce you to some of Niagara's top local wineries in the Niagara Benchland area. Jump-on one of our Fun Filled touring buses (reservations required in advance) and sip the day away in the heart of Niagara's Benchland (Vineland, Beamsville, Jordan & Grimsby, Ontario). Choose from multiple pick-up spots scattered throughout Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake and the Benchland Area itself. Your EXTREMLEY handsome and Fun Loving Tour guide will take you to two local distilleries and two benchland wineries, enjoying multiple free tastings per stop.

Your Niagara Distillery & Wine Tour Includes:

  • Round-trip transportation from Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake & Vineland Ontario in one of our multi-passenger touring vehicles.
  • Tour offers various pick-up options (click here for schedule). First pick-up at 10:00 AM NFT Head Office. Duration of tour depends on your pick-up location (duration of tour is approximately 5 to 6 hours)
  • Visit Forty Creek Distillery, Puddicombe Farms and TWO Niagara Benchland wineries in the Niagara Benchland area of Vineland, Jordan, Beamsville & Grimsby, Ontario* (see below for details)
  • Enjoy complimentary liquor tastings at Forty Creek Distillery, complimentary pear cider tastings at Puddicombe Farms plus complimentary wine tastings at each winery. Don't forget the opportunity to shop at each stop.
  • Complimentary guided tour of Forty Creek Distillers. Find out just how they turn all-natural ingredients in to some of Canada's premier spirits.
  • BONUS STOP - Upper Canada Cheese: Experience the wonders of cheese making, samples and plenty of shopping. This option may change throughout the year*.
  • LUNCH STOP - at the Country Cafe located at Puddicombe Farms. Enjoy freshly made sandwiches, quiches, meat pies, chili, homemade soups and salads. Estimated duration - 1 hour.

    Single Person Cost - $89 CDN


    Friday's, Saturday's & Sunday's | Thru August 31, 2014

  • Niagara Fun Tours

    Niagara College Teaching Winery

    Forty Creek Distillery

    "Forty Creek Barrel Select Whisky displays aromas of honey, vanilla and apricot, which fuse with toasty oak, black walnut and spice. The flavor is rich and bold with a smooth, long finish. As you let the whisky breathe in your glass many other flavors begin to evolve such as pecan, chocolate, orange and spice."

    Don't you wish everything you try in life came with such a detailed description? At Forty Creek Distillery in Grimsby ONT you will experiece the unique skills of distilling up-close. A staff member from Forty Creek Niagara Distillery staff will escort your group through the production facility, barrel room and beyond. Tour is followed by a private tasting. Plenty of time for shopping at their on-site retail store.

    For more details visit their website - www.fortycreekwhisky.com

    Estimated Duration | :50 to :60 minutes

    Vieni Estates & Winery

    Vieni Estates Distillery & Winery

    The founder of Vieni Estates brings his passion for wine from Italy and combines it with his love for this distinctly Canadian wine region, and particularly the unique attributes of the rolling hills of the Vinemount Ridge. Master winemaker Mauro Salvador takes the best of the many varietals grown on the estate to produce a broad and compelling range of still wines, ice wines and sparkling wines crafted in the Charmat method (Metodo Italiano). Each offering is crafted to reflect the best of the terroir, the varietal, and the winemaker's skills.

    In addition to the many fine wines produced here, Vieni Estates also offers traditional Italian-style grappas and spirits distilled from the many fruits of Ontario.

    For more details visit their website - www.vieni.ca

    Estimated Duration | Between :30 - :40 minutes

    Puddicombe Farms | Niagara Benchland Wine Tour

    Puddicombe Farms

    Puddicombe Farms is quite the institution here in the Niagara Benchand area. Puddicombes is a family owned and operated working farm at over 213 years old. Their story began in 1797 as cattle farmers. In the early 1900's Puddicombes became fruit farmers, planting their first vineyard in 1940. Today they are a working farm of approximately 300 acres of fruit. To keep up with changing times owner Murray Puddicombe, along with a wine master Jim Warren, formed a partnership and Stoney Ridge Winery was brought to life. Also born at the same time was a general store, bake shop, and cafe. Introduced a few years later was an agricultural train and a pick-your-own-fruit operation. Ten years and much growth later saw the winery outgrow the vision that our owner had. The winery was sold and moved, and within three years Puddicombe Estate Farms and Winery opened it's doors.

    While visiting Puddicombe's Farm our group will enjoy complimentary tastings of Sir Isaac's Pear Cider. This it the only place in the Niagara Benchland to enjoy locally produced Pear Cider. While visiting, poke around their retail store and sprawling property.

    Visit their website for more details - www.puddicombefarms.com

    Estimated Duration | :30 to :40 minutes

    Niagara Falls Distillery Tour & Niagara Wine Tour

    Flat Rock Cellars Winery

    Flat Rock Cellars is here for two reasons. First, they're here to make great wine. Second, they're here to offer you a truly personal wine experience. Everything they do comes from these two basic principles. Founded in 1999 on a spectacular piece of the Niagara Escarpment known as the Jordan Bench – Flat Rock is perched on a gently rolling slope studded with vines. The winery building is a quirky, glass encased, hexagonal masterpiece that‘s distinctive and fun. From here you can enjoy their crowning glory, the breathtaking views of the Peninsula and across Lake Ontario to Toronto.

    Visit their website for more details - www.flatrockcellars.com

    Estimated Duration | Between :30 - :35 minutes

    Upper Canada Cheese Company | Niagara Wine Tours

    Upper Canada Cheese Company

    When at the Upper Canada Cheese creamery you can learn all about their cheese making techniques and see the cheese makers in action by looking inside their creamery through a special looking glass as they make their award winning cheeses. You can also learn all about cheese making with their interactive powerpoint presentation that details each step of our process as well as interact with their knowledgeable staff at any time and asking them questions related to their cheeses. While you're here, you can pick up other unique artisan cheeses, gourmet sauces, preserves and unique items for the culinary enthusiast. Their selection is always changing.

    Visit their website for more details - www.uppercanadacheese.com

    Estimated Duration | Between :25 - :30 minutes

    Bonus Stop Niagara Wine Tour

    Puddicombe Farms | Niagara Fun Tours

    Puddicombe Farms Country Cafe

    Even though Niagara Fun Tours is all about "fun", we also know that enjoying tastings on an empty stomach is not a good combination. On our Niagara Distillery & Wine Tour we offer a stop for lunch at Puddicombe Farms Cafe. After enjoying a few complimentary wine and hard cidar tastings, move over to their comfortable and cozy on-site cafe. Your driver will take lunch orders in advance to ensure your tour stays on schedule. Enjoy tasty items like Chicken Pot Pie, freshly made sandwiches, quiche, meat pies & their popular gourmet hot dogs. Prices range from $4 - $6 per itme and we allocate around :45 minutes to 1 hour for this stop.

    Visit their website for more details - www.puddicombefarms.com

    Estimated Duration | Between 40 to 60 minutes


    *Multi-person booking discounts available, email us for options - info@niagarafuntours.com. Rates may fluctuate throughout touring season based on internal costs incurred by tour company (ie. increased fuel prices & tasting fee's). Winery, Distillery & Upper Canada Cheese stops are subject to change without notice. Niagara Fun Tours guarantees an comperable alterative offering compliementary tastings, if this happens.

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